Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sara Bareilles reunites with her best friend

Sara's best friend must be the coolest person in the world. Seriously, I mean, she is someone that has a lot of cool friends and connection, so if she considers this beautiful lady in the picture her best friend, then I can only wonder just how cool that person is. Both of them also seem to have the same smile. In the picture, if you look at the smiles, the lip shape and teeth are almost identical. Sara's teeth are slightly larger. But I think her friend's smile is sort of sunnier because of the eyes. Maybe unfair to say because Sara isn't squinting her eyes that much. I don't think Sara is much of a squinter.

I wonder how far they go back. Most best friendships are formed in your teens and 20's. So I'm sure they knew each other around that time. I think its good that at her success level, she is not lacking in true friendships, and not lacking in desire to maintain them. Its something that she doesn't take for granted and its something that she is always gracious about. I hope she never gives that up.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I need a few people from my squad to go on an online mission for me.

I need some of you guys to go and post my blog link in a few chatrooms. If its not against the rules of the chatroom. I wanna make myself look good for Sara Bareilles. Report back to me asap when you're done.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Twitter update from Sara Bareilles

"I broke my phone and now i have predictive text. this is going to be good."

Predictive text is an input technology used where one key or button represents many letters, such as on mobile phones's numeric keypads and in accessibility technologies.

Anyone wanna speculate how she broke her phone??

It took some fortitude for Sara Bareilles to reject the easy life

So as I was reading about Sara Bareilles and watching a good amount of her interviews, and trying to put myself in her shoes, I began to think about the move she made from California to New York, stating a desire for change from her stagnation at the time. So, I am curious about the amount of resistance she encountered from family and friends. Because its easy to be influenced by the opinions of others, especially when the vote is unanimously against you. In this case it turned out be a genius move for her, which changes my whole conception of following advice of other people. How thinking for ourselves is not something to be thrown away when the overwhelming majority see it differently. I don't want to get carried away with this philosophy because too much of anything can prove detrimental. But there is a pattern in her life, from what I have already gathered. Sara Bareilles has a history of proving people wrong. At some point, majority opinion has got to weigh down on a person, but in her case man, I don't know. I can only come to one conclusion. This girl is stubborn as hell, and whats crazy is that its freakin working for her. That's whats gets me!!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sara Bareilles is expressing her boredom again

Here is a link to her twitter page where she says "I miss feeling the way I did when I watched grease 2 for the first time."

Unfortunately everything new gets old. Thats the reality of it. Whats worse are the comments on her twitter and instagram posts. Those are are getting very stale. Its pretty much "Love you" "I love you" "So Adorable" For God sakes, her fans can make a better effort to give some decent feedback.

Our brains are wired differently. I am trying to find a way to get bored with Sara Bareilles. I am looking for a reason not to blog about her everyday, or read her twitter and instagram.

Usually boredom can be overcome if you find something that gives you a purpose or something that you feel is meaningful. 'That something' to look forward to everyday, that will give you fulfillment. 'That sort of crack cocaine' as she similarly stated in her old blog.

I wonder about coffee though. I drink a lot of coffee and if I dont eat some read meat to replenish those lost minerals and vitamins, I find myself unable to concentrate on anything, or I'd have to break a sweat in my brain to follow along whatever is in front of me.

I hope she hasn't lost her Friday feelings. Ya know the happiness of Friday knowing "free time" is coming up after a long week of school or work.

I need a few Altruistic soldiers to promote my blog in chat rooms and messageboards

If you any of you have a messageboard that you go to on a regular basis or a chat room, please post a link of my blog there.